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Rockin' R&B mixed with Soul, Blues and a touch of Gospel. Stax/Muscle Shoals in 2005
Genre: Blues: Rhythm & Blues

Release Date: 2005

Album Notes

2007 Shai Awards: Danny Brooks 'Best Jazz/Blues Album of the Year'for Rock This House

2006 GMA Canada: Nominated for Best Jazz/Blues Album 2006

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"Cook Up the Old-Time Soul Stew, Rock this House - (12/20/06) - The cover of the album has a map of Memphis and the surrounding tri-state area, an area from which Danny Brooks draws a heavy influence. Brooks does not try to hide these influences as he talks about them in his extensive liner notes and also in his songs. This is a solid R&B album full of horns, keys, and strong vocals. This is a very upbeat affair with a positive spin that's contagious. These guys love what they are doing and it shows on this album. Each song has a little explanation that Brooks wrote, which gives the album a nice personal touch. Brooks has been through some rough spots in life and is not afraid to talk about it, or sing about it, on this album. He has been energized with a clean slate to take off into what he wants to do, and he is doing it. There is a lot of Gospel in the Soul of Danny Brooks. He is coming out of the school of Solomon Burke, Sam and Dave, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, and the Soul singers of the 1960s. He delves into those sounds with full conviction and a true respect for these musicians. He wants to remember these artists, gone the way of Otis Redding or here with us like Bobby Bland. The band gets into grooves that would make James Brown start shakin' on the floor. This is a tough unit that can push out some smokin' Soul or soothing night songs. From the horns to the keys to the guitar, this album doesn't waste any notes. The backing vocals support Brooks beautifully. I know I already said it, but the positive sound just grabs you and holds on. With so many negatives coming from the mass media, this has good vibrations all over it. Any fan of 1960's Soul that is looking for something new to get into should take a listen here. Danny Brooks is very confident with his vocals and uses them well. His supporting cast is on the same page and telling the same story. The songwriting is good and the liner notes give you perspective on each song's lyrics. Let Danny Brooks rock your house soon". - Kyle M. Palarino/BluesWax

"ROCK THIS HOUSE has been picked the #1 CD of December '05 by Baker Street Radio/France

Lead off single 'Hold On' a tribute to the soul & R&B greats is climbing the Beach and R&B charts and is currently #1 in Angier NC and still doing well on the Beach Music Charts

Shades of Blue Reviews - Danny Brooks/Rock This House - Oct/05

"When the Shades site reviewed Danny's previous album (Soulsville), we commented on how much we were looking forward to the next release in the southern music trilogy.

Eagerly anticipating the addition of downhome horns to an already well rounded sound, we were hoping for a heady mix of classic R&B, soul, gospel, blues and country in a modern context. After all, we've recently seen successful releases for Solomon Burke and, latterly, Bobby Purify, both of which incorporated the traditional southern soul writing style of people like Dan Penn - recordings that were fresh as you like whilst acknowledging the debt to a glorious musical history. So, why not the same for Danny Brooks? "Soulsville" was a truly fine record, but "Rock This House" definitely moves the whole thing up a notch. Lyrically, the previous album focused extensively on the overtly spiritual, although Shades of Blue found the more secular but still intensely personal songs the strongest on the set. This album broadens the themes, mixing the personal with the spiritual, the serious with the fun. 'Hold On', for example, is a very direct joyous celebration of soul and R&B greats such as Joe Tex, Solomon Burke and Bobby Bland (of course, anyone who name checks Bobby is already ahead of the game!) driven along with a classic R&B lilt. You can still hear the influences (get the impression Brooks would be disappointed if you couldn't!) but this is Memphis soul, R&B and blues brought bang up to date. Songs might start with a John Lee Hooker vibe, a typical Joe Tex storyline, a bit of Solomon preaching or a Blind Boys gospel refrain, but what develops is a series of well crafted songs that matches anything on the aforementioned lauded releases from Solomon Burke and Bobby Purify. If I had to pigeon-hole Danny's vocal style, then the closest I could get is to the likes of Eddie Hinton when he was at his soul searching and testifying best; more than capable of rocking up a storm, at its very best on the the very fine soul blues ballads such as 'You'll Find A Way'. The addition of a horn section adds real colour to the material, and the band is truly exceptional. Special mention to Richard Bell (keyboards and production), Ed Zankowski (lead tenor) and Amoy Levy (vocal duet/backing vocals). If there were any justice, this should be a major seller. It's the equal of anything produced in the country soul vein this year. It's every bit as good as the Dan Penn produced Bobby Purify release "Better To Have It", and that album received universally great reviews in the British music press. -Shades of Blue/R&B Primer

Danny Brooks has definitely 'kicked it up a notch' with his new CD and first single 'Hold On.' Danny has brought the classic soul of Memphis into 2005. His vocals are spicy hot and the lyrics to 'Hold On' will take you to a soulful place not unlike Stax Records. Rock 'n' Soul at it's best!!
-John Donabie - CFRB Radio/Toronto

'Hold On' is a sizzling new tune with an old R&B beat that not only takes you back to the roots of 'Carolina Beach Music', the feel and lyrics allow you to drift back in time with memories of songs and artists that has created one of the most unique cultures in the music world. You do not want to drive under the influence of 'Hold On'. -Kyle Beam/Right Reverend of Beach Music


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  1. Can't Keep A Good Man Down For Long
  2. Hold On
  3. Stand Up
  4. Yonder Cloud
  5. Rock This House
  6. You'll Find A Way
  7. Good Love Is Hard to Find
  8. Walks On Water
  9. Never Go Wrong Doing Right
  10. Down On My Knees
  11. Unseen Hands
  12. Tears From Heaven
  13. Takes A Little Time