To purchase:  It's A Southern Thing

Heartland Blues with Americana flavorings, songs with a positive message
Genre: Blues: Rockin' Blues

Release Date: 1998


Canadian-born and -bred Danny Brooks may be - although you'd never know it from one listen to this album - an ode to all things Southern and mystical. Brooks' voice is equal parts John Fogerty yeowl and Bob Seger back-row bluster with a liberal dose of Bruce Springsteen bombast thrown in to make sure you're getting the message loud and clear. But Brooks also writes one great song, and this album is filled with them. He finds release in traveling down South into America's backwoods ("Georgia Bound," the title track), while the acceptance of life's everyday ups and downs is mirrored on "Show Up and Sing," "Wheels Keep Spinning," "Just a Little Faith," "The Way It Goes" and "Got to Be More Than This." Four of the tracks on the project were mixed by Jim Dickinson in Memphis. A batch of great songs soaked in the Southern aesthetic. - Cub Koda AMG REVIEW:


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  1. Southern Thing
  2. Show Up And Sing
  3. Georgia Bound
  4. Candito
  5. Brother Bill
  6. More Than This
  7. Just A Little Faith
  8. Prisoners of Hope
  9. The Way It Goes
  10. Wheels Keep Spinning
  11. Never Get Over You
  12. Shutting Me Down
  13. Only Love Can Satisfy