1. Broken


She was no stranger to hard luck and trouble,
That why she opened the doors of her heart,
He was a man in need of saving
She was an angel who did her part
You can run with the devil but you’re going to pay
An you can only go so far
We got to pay for the price of our pleasure
Before you get back on your feet again

Broken people, broken hearts
We’re all in it together and we play a part
Going down life’s long winding road
Only love can heal a broken heart
Broken people, broken hearts
Only love can heal a broken heart,
Only love, only love can heal a broken heart (X2)

Broken family, schooled on the streets
Didn’t take too long before the dye was cast
Got caught up on the wrong side of the law
Going to prison and going down fast
Sometimes you learn with your back to the wall
Do the crime, you do the time
That hole you dug is where you’re going to find
If you’re going to fall or if you’re going to stand