1. Without Love


You might treat love, like a plaything
Treat it right and your heart will sing
I use to feel I could have it my own way
I lost out in love, heavy price to pay

I didn’t get very far (Oh No)
Just a broken heart and a long way to go
You got to learn who you really are
Without love you won’t get very far (X2)

People are people, no matter where you go
Treat ‘em right , cuz you reap just what you sow
Just remember the golden rule,
How you treat others is how they treat you

You might have dreams and reach for the stars
but without love you won’t get very far
without love you won’t get very far

Takes a lifetime of learning to get it right
A lifetime of mistakes to see the light
Make up your mind who you going to be
It’s your choice, it’s love or misery